VITAJANTE cleaning of the rims...

Use: Cleaner degreaser for stainless steel rims, aluminum or wheel covers. Not on raw, use anodized or polished aluminium. (Risk of bleaching, use the ANODIS)
Use: Spray on the rim. Rub with a cloth or soft-touch brush, if necessary. Rinse with the water jet.
Tips: shake before use in case of contact with eyes, rinse well with water.
Mixture of 100% plant-based, sodium carbonate plants and water
The manufacturer is not liable for non-conforming use.
Product are biodegradable, recyclable packaging manufacture in Germany

Car LEDs projector...

Car leds projetor audi, bmwn vw,
Car LEDs Projectors Fur all cars from 24.99 Euros infos(@)